In the Events section , you can create and administer events that take place in the library, such as author readings, workshops and community events. An overview of upcoming events in all branches of your account is presented on the Home page. The events that will take place first are displayed at the top of the Home page in Quria.

Event statuses

An event can be in the following statuses:

Status Description
Draft The event has been saved as draft.
Planned The event has been created without a publication date, or the publication date is not yet reached.
Published The publication date for the event is reached, and the information about this event is available on the library’s website.
Completed The date and time of the event has passed.
Cancelled The event has been cancelled.

Events in planned or published state are displayed on the Home page in Quria.

Access to the Events section in the main menu as well as the possibility to administer events is controlled by role settings. There are two levels of access:

  • Events menu – you find Events in the menu and can view and search for events.
  • Add/edit/delete events – you can fully handle events.

See also: Administrating roles