Collections basket

You can add several titles that a patron wants to reserve to the collections basket, and then quickly make a reservation for all of the titles.

See also: Reserving several titles

Another purpose of the collections basket is to fix issues related to adding or importing records in Quria. For example, you might get two search hits for the same work.

In these cases, works, expressions and manifestations can be merged or moved, keeping all items and information such as loans and reservations for the underlying items.

You determine which is the master work, expression or manifestation, and then the others will be merged or moved to this.

Only users with the Add/edit/delete works permission have access to this functionality in the collections basket.

The collections basket is emptied when you sign out from Quria or when you refresh the browser.


You can move:

  • One or more expressions to a work, or
  • One or more manifestations to an expression

All underlying data will follow the expressions to the work, and all items and orders will follow the moved manifestations.


You can merge:

  • Two or more elements of the same kind (works, expressions or manifestations).

Merging works

In this case, you will add two or more expressions to the collections basket – choosing one as master.

The expressions that you merge into the master will automatically be deleted.

Merging expressions

You move all the underlying manifestations, loans, reservations and items too.

Merging manifestations

When you merge two or more manifestations, you will see the sum of items and orders in the receiving manifestation.

Selecting works, expressions and manifestations to merge or move

The works, expressions and manifestations that you want to work with have to be added to the collections basket.

  1. Search for the works, expressions and manifestations that need to be handled in Collections.
  2. In the context menu, select Add to basket. You see that the works, expressions and manifestations that you have added show up in the basket at the top right.
  3. When you have selected all the works, expressions and manifestation you want to merge or move, click on the basket to open it.
  4. Select the action Move or merge.

  5. Select which is the master and click Merge or Move. You can remove any work, expression or manifestation that you don’t want to handle before clicking the Merge/Move button.
  6. When the merge or move is completed, the basket is emptied.